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They say the list also shows that Monsignor Lynn knew Mr. Avery, the co-defendant, was a child molester but failed to have him removed. And they say it shows that Monsignor Lynn perjured himself before the grand jury.

Monsignor Lynn, 61, faces up to 28 years if convicted on all counts. The archdiocese is paying for the four criminal defense lawyers advising him in court, despite the increasingly apparent complications that presents.

A gag order prevents parties in the case from commenting on the filings.

The jurors chosen Monday included a man who didn’t recognize a prosecutor from their huge, long-ago graduating class at one of the city’s Catholic high schools. Those who didn’t make the cut included a man wearing a T-shirt mourning the loss of a now-shuttered Catholic high school; a La Salle University graduate who knows an accused priest; and a woman who put four children through Catholic schools and remains miffed over the treatment her daughter got from their parish when she married a Jew. She nonetheless felt she could serve.

“I mean, there’s plenty of priests I know that are great,” the woman said.