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Dave Anderson, who was visiting from Denver and declared himself a Patriots fan for the weekend, joined a standing room crowd at McGreevys. Across the street, the top of the Prudential Center was lit up in the Patriots colors of red, white and blue.

“You can tell that there are no fair weather fans in Boston,” Anderson said.

Victor Janczar arrived in plenty of time from Chicopee, in western Massachusetts, because he and his girlfriend wanted to be with other Patriots fans. They’re such serious fans that they purposely flew JetBlue on a trip back from California so they could watch the Patriots play San Diego in Week 2 of the NFL season on the seat-back televisions. They predicted a close game Sunday but thought the Patriots would pull it out, 27-24.

“It’ll really depend on how well the Patriots’ defense can cover New York’s receivers,” Janczar said before the game.

Not that well, as it turned out.

“The good news is that the defense can’t get any worse,” said Keith Versteegden of Red Deer, Alberta, a student in Boston, who afterward declared the game “depressing.”

Said Chris Sondej, a student in Boston University’s College of Management, said: “It was heartbreaking when (Wes) Welker dropped that pass in the third quarter.”

He also noted the game could have implications for the legacy of the team’s quarterback and coach.

Brady doesn’t have that many years left in him,” he said. “We’ll see what comes of the Brady-Belichick team after this.”