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Court grants release on bail for radical Muslim cleric

LONDON — A British court ruled Monday that an extremist cleric described as one of Europe’s leading al Qaeda operatives should be released on bail.

After six years in custody, Abu Qatada could be freed within days under stringent conditions, a judge at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission in London said.

Abu Qatada has been fighting to be released since the European Court of Human Rights ruled last month he should not be deported to face terror charges in Jordan because of fears that evidence obtained by torture would be used against him.

The British government wants to keep him in a high-security prison while continuing a legal fight to have him deported.

Abu Qatada - whose real name is Omar Mahmoud Mohammed Othman - is an extremist Muslim preacher from Jordan who has been described in both Spanish and British courts as a leading al Qaeda figure in Europe.


Elections panel says Suu Kyi can run for Parliament

YANGON — An elections panel Monday affirmed opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s candidacy for Myanmar’s Parliament in another step toward political openness in a country emerging from nearly a half-century of iron-fisted military rule.

A victory in the April 1 by-elections would be historic. Mrs. Suu Kyi could have a voice in Parliament for the first time after spending most of the past two decades under house arrest.

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate announced her intention last month to run in the April elections but was waiting for official approval from the Elections Commission, which said it had to scrutinize her eligibility.

A National League for Democracy spokesman confirmed the commission had approved her candidacy. “There is no objection to her nomination, and we can say that her candidacy is officially accepted,” the spokesman said.


General’s death remains shrouded in suspicion

HARARE — Testimony before an inquest into a Zimbabwean power broker’s fiery death ended Monday, leaving the last hours of Gen. Solomon Mujuru’s life shrouded in suspicion he was murdered by political rivals.

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