Testimony ends in trial over Globes broadcast deal

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If the association wins, it would be the first time in nearly 30 years it will be able to negotiate a new production and broadcast deal on its own terms. The show had been knocked from broadcast television and relegated to late-night airings after its members were accused of receiving favors in exchange for giving actress Zadora the award, although Clark’s company was eventually able to get it a cable television deal and then bring it to NBC in 1996.

If the production company prevails, it will retain its right to work on a show that attracted nearly 17 million viewers this year and each year provides glimpses of top television and film actors mingling in a banquet setting.

The association and production company split the show’s earnings equally after costs are factored in.

Although the Globes aren’t a reliable predictor of who will win on Oscar night, it has remained a key source of buzz in recent years as three-time host Ricky Gervais has lobbed caustic barbs at Hollywood’s elite and the evening’s guests and their fashion are analyzed for days.

Asked if he would still be interested in acquiring the Golden Globes if the rights became available, Moonves was direct.

“Every network would be,” he said.


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