Designers lend their glamour to Obama campaign

“Designers are like dreamers,” Theyskens said. “So it’s good for us sometimes to get into politics, into reality, into the real future. I can’t vote here, but I can say what I think.”

The Obama campaign says the merchandise has been created in full compliance with campaign finance laws.

Johansson had her own comeback to reported Republican concerns that the Runway to Win project might violate campaign finance rules if the items cost a lot more than they’re selling for, saying of the GOP: “They’re so unfashionable!”

As for her own candidate, she said, he and his wife “have a casual cool about them. They’re a very stylish couple.”

Johansson sure looked great in her designer duds, but will she be attending shows during Fashion Week, which starts on Thursday?

“No,” she said. “Fashion shows can be a little high-maintenance.”

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