- - Wednesday, February 8, 2012


GOP proposes changing federal worker pensions

House Republicans are proposing to make federal employees pay more toward their pensions while reducing benefits in order to pay for highway programs.

The proposal was posted online Wednesday by the House Rules Committee. The pension changes are being used to make up a shortfall between federal gasoline tax revenue and the $260 billion that Republicans want to spend on highway construction and transit programs.

Under the proposal, the pension contributions of federal employees would increase a total of 1.5 percent over three years. New employees’ retirement benefits would be calculated based on an average of an employee’s past five years of earnings, instead of the current three years. The savings to the government would be about $40 billion over 10 years.


Santorum files despite state ballot dispute

INDIANAPOLIS — Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum is filing to get his name on Indiana’s ballot even though he has not been certified by local election officials.

Brad King, co-director of the Indiana Election Division, said the Santorum campaign filed Wednesday morning to get on the ballot. The Santorum team is disputing a decision by Marion County officials last week that he fell 24 signatures short of the number needed to register as a candidate.

Mr. King said Mr. Santorum would make it on the state ballot unless a registered voter files a challenge before Feb. 17. The election division then would have until March 1 to rule on the challenge.

Indiana’s open primary is scheduled for May 8.


Gingrich stays upbeat despite caucus losses

CLEVELAND — Newt Gingrich is keeping a chipper tone despite his poor showing in this week’s GOP presidential caucuses in Colorado and Minnesota.

Mr. Gingrich made no mention of the results during his only scheduled public appearance for the next two days. He told workers at a metal manufacturing plant in Cleveland on Wednesday that he can lead the nation to an era of prosperity and security.

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