- - Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Pakistan holds talks after deadly U.S. attack

ISLAMABAD | The Pakistani army met with NATO and Afghan forces Wednesday to improve coordination along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, a sign of thawing relations after American airstrikes accidentally killed 24 Pakistani soldiers last year.

The meeting took place at a border coordination center in Torkham, a city on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, the Pakistani army said. The operations chief for the Pakistani army, Maj. Gen. Ashfaq Nadeem, attended.

Pakistan was outraged by the Nov. 26 attack on two of its Afghan border posts and claimed it was deliberate. Islamabad retaliated by closing its border to supplies meant for NATO troops in Afghanistan and by kicking the U.S. out of a base used by American drones.

But tensions seemed to have eased slightly, with Pakistani officials saying in recent days the government should reopen its border to NATO supplies as long as it can negotiate higher fees.


Sarkozy opposes attack on Iran’s nuclear sites

PARIS | French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday said a military strike is not the way to deal with a nuclear threat from Iran.

Speaking at the annual dinner honoring France’s Jewish community, he said Israel is a “miracle” and that “France will not compromise on its security.”

He added, however, “The solution is never military.”

Mr. Sarkozy also called it “unacceptable” for Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.

Israel considers Iran a threat and has not ruled out military action against sites in Iran suspected of working to build nuclear arms.


Army deployed nationwide amid calls for protests

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