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Mr. Bragg notes there is one accessory his car is lacking, an automatic headlight dimmer. Perhaps he’ll find one to install on his car.

He says he misses having no outside mirror on the right side. The left-side mirror, he is happy to report, has a remote control on the inside.

Lowering or raising the convertible top is an exercise to make Rube Goldberg proud.

The trunk lid is hinged at the rear and as panels fold, unfold, twist and gyrate the top, with a glass rear window, raises or lowers and the final product is amazingly beautiful.

The top mechanism car be operated from the driver’s seat or from the left rear fender. Beside the gas filler door is a place to insert the ignition key and once it is inserted and turned, the top is set in motion.

Not only pretty clever for 1967, it’s pretty clever for 2006.