- - Thursday, February 9, 2012


Lawmakers renew push for campaign amendment

Two senators say the campaign finance system is so broken that a constitutional amendment is needed to rein in runaway spending in elections.

Democrats Michael F. Bennet of Colorado and Tom Udall of New Mexico want to put Congress in charge of setting campaign contribution limits and regulating super PACs.

The two proposed the amendment late last year. But the issue is receiving renewed attention in light of GOP-leaning super PACs that are spending millions of dollars on ads this election season.

Mr. Bennet said most people can’t evaluate ads or know if their backers have an axe to grind. He said a 2010 Supreme Court ruling known as Citizens United that removed limits on corporate and union spending in elections has made matters worse.


Pelosi one-ups Colbert with satirical attack ad

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi upped the comedy ante Thursday on Stephen Colbert with a tongue-in-cheek “attack” ad on the faux conservative, who has formed a real super PAC to support a less-than-real bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

In the YouTube ad, the California Democrat calls for voters to support efforts to “Stop Colbert” — in part because “he doesn’t even like kittens” and has used his super PAC to “attack my friend Newt Gingrich.”

Mrs. Pelosi closes the satirical video with a serious pitch for the Disclose Act, legislation being introduced Thursday by the Democrats that would require super PACs to disclose their funding sources.


Colorado Democrats fire intern who attacked Romney

DENVER — The college student accused of “glitter-bombing” Mitt Romney after the Colorado caucuses has been fired from his unpaid internship with state Senate Democrats.

Police say 20-year-old Peter Smith threw glitter at Mr. Romney as the Republican presidential hopeful greeted supporters in Denver on Tuesday. Mr. Smith faces charges of causing a disturbance, throwing a missile and unlawful acts.

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