Romney wins New Hampshire, Paul second

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The former Utah governor shook hands with potential supporters, while Romney supporters chanted “Go Mitt, Go!” and called out “Who’s Obama’s boy? Jonny” — a shot at Mr. Huntsman’s service as ambassador to China in the Obama administration.

On his way into cast his vote, Pat Austin, 28, from Manchester, told The Washington Times that he was supporting Mr. Romney, for the second time in as many Republican presidential primaries.

“I kind of view myself as more as a moderate than a conservative,” Mr. Austin said. He added that some Republicans have gone too far to the right on social issues and that some of Mr. Romney’s rivals are leveling disingenuous attacks against him.

He said of Mr. Romney’s time at Bain Capital: “That’s what you’re supposed to do, is make businesses more profitable.”

Bruce Perreault, 62, from Manchester, also supported Mr. Romney in 2008 and again Tuesday. Mr. Perreault said the other candidates didn’t compare because the “No. 1 issue is we’ve got to beat Obama.”

“I think he’s the best candidate,” Mr. Perreault said. “I think he is going to beat Barack Obama. He combines political experience with free-enterprise experience.”

Dan Ellingwood said he voted for Mr. Huntsman and that Mr. Romney was “too polished.”

“He comes across as being bought and too rehearsed,” the 64-year-old said. Mr. Huntsman, he argued, is someone he can “trust.”

Mike McCarthy supported the libertarian-minded Mr. Paul. “I like all his views on getting back to the Constitution,” Mr. McCarthy said. “I’m a big Second Amendment [gun] rights activist.”

Mr. McCarthy also said that he’ll be happy when the primary is over. “This place turns into a zoo every four years,” the 39-year-old said.

Andy Kushner, 60, agreed, saying she will be “thrilled” when it’s over.

“I can’t wait not to get any more phone calls. They’ve been constant,” she said.

At the Green Street Community Center polling station in Concord, the state capital, several voters said Mr. Huntsman had earned their support.

“He appears to be the grown-up in the room,” said Fred Burgess, a retiree from Concord. “I think he relates to regular folks like us.”

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