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Move over, Duffy. There’s a new neo-soul singer in town.

Her debut album won’t be released until the end of the month, but Lana Del Rey scored a choice spot on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, performing two songs as the show’s musical guest. Even for a program that prides itself on showcasing new talent, this was relatively unprecedented, given Miss Del Rey’s small output - she has released only three songs - and under-the-radar status.

She was anxious, of course. The nerves seemed to get the best of her and dragged down both performances.

She will get second shot when “Born to Die” hits stores Jan. 31. In the meantime, Miss Del Rey may serve as a cautionary tale, a warning to the music industry that fresh faces need time to mature.

High-tech star wares

The International Consumer Electronics Show wrapped up Friday evening, sending its 153,000 technology-obsessed attendees back to their day jobs. This year’s show wasn’t just about computers, though.

Ludacris and 50 Cent made appearances to hawk their new lines of headphones. Panasonic unveiled technology that could make it cheaper for the music industry to embrace the use of 3-D music videos.

Justin Timberlake, now the creative director of MySpace, even made an appearance to talk about MySpace TV, which will allow users to chat about music videos in real time from their mobile phones.