- The Washington Times - Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Four years after the triumph of “Hope,” “Change” and “Yes, we can!” President Obama reportedly is looking for a 2012 re-election slogan.

Luckily, we’re here to help.

After all, presidential campaign slogans are the keys to our republic, the linchpins of our entire convoluted democratic process. (What, you were thinking the Ames straw poll?)

Without “I Like Ike,” there would be no federal highway system. Without “Morning in America,” the Cold War might still be raging. Without “Ross for Boss” … well, we’ll never know.

Nobody ever captured the White House — or sold a tube of toothpaste, for that matter — without a decent slogan — and nobody needs a good one more right now than Mr. Obama, so here, free of charge, we proffer six suggestions for the president’s re-election campaign:

1. Things Could Be Worse

Rationale:Mr. Obama often argues that while unemployment remains awfully high, it could be a lot higher. Compelling stuff. Why stop there? We’re still mired in Afghanistan, but at least we’re not in Iraq. We haven’t thwarted Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions, but at least this president doesn’t pronounce it “nucular.” The national debt is up 42 percent under Mr. Obama and now exceeds the GDP — but we’ll have more years to pay it down, thanks to the increase in life expectancy foreseen from Michelle’s national war on obesity. Obama 2012: The glass is half-full.

Pros: Americans are fundamentally optimistic; they deserve a campaign slogan that almost appeals to their sunny, forward-looking nature.

Cons: Slogan sounds less like a sales pitch than a misguided online dating invitation.

2. Yes 2 We Can 2

Rationale: Like the big, dumb, overheated “Fast and Furious” car-chase film franchise, Mr. Obama is essentially asking the nation to check out the sequel by doubling down on a second term.

Pros: Catchy “2 Fast 2 Furious” title helped make the second “Fast and Furious” flick a hit. Text-sounding slogan could help Mr. Obama reconnect with young voters who put him over the top in 2008.

Cons: Inevitable future “Obama Five” slogan clearly violates the 22nd Amendment.

3. Hope I Can Change

Rationale: Given that “Hope” and “Change” were so convincing the last time around, why not go back to the same well?

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