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Mr. Rene should be in good company at his new home, as the label helmed by Mr. Reid was expected to announce on Wednesday a deal with fourth-place finisher Marcus Canty. Could Brian “Astro” Bradley, perhaps the competition’s most controversial contestant, be next? Speculation has swirled regarding the 15-year-old’s impending deal, which could find him at Epic or in the company of winner Melanie Amaro at Sony.

With the ink still drying on his contract, Santa Cruz-based rapper Rene likely will see between $150,000 and $500,000 from the label — a respectable but significantly smaller payout than Miss Amaro’s $5 million deal with Sony.

As part of his Epic debut, Mr. Rene will record a new version of his self-penned audition song, “Young Homie.”

Compiled from Web and wire service reports