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Kurt is already committed to driving the Nationwide races at Daytona and Talladega for Phoenix Racing, so the rest of his schedule still has to be hashed out with his new boss, Kyle.

“He’ll probably want some of the easier portion of the schedule because he’s the owner, and I’ll give him that respect,” joked Kurt. “But between the two of us, we’re racing all 33 Nationwide races on the schedule.”

KBM is the only team Kyle will drive for in the Nationwide Series as he scales back his non-Cup participation. He won’t drive at all for Joe Gibbs Racing in Nationwide, and won’t drive for KBM’s Truck team.

Jason Leffler is tabbed to drive KBM’s No. 51 in the Truck Series, and Kyle Busch said he’s talking to a handful of Cup stars about filling out that schedule for him.

The brothers also dismissed any notion that their relationship is too volatile to work together. They had a very public falling out when they wrecked each other racing for the $1 million prize in the 2007 All-Star race and did not speak for months. It took their grandmother brokering a peace agreement that Thanksgiving to mend the relationship.

Kurt Busch said that’s the only hiccup the two have had, and all other speculation about their relationship “is just a myth.”

“The only thing that we had run in our way was dollar signs at the All-Star race that year,” he said. “Anytime somebody is going for a million bucks, you forget who your brother is … I think we’ve always gotten along really well on track, to draft with each other, to yield to each other, it just hasn’t been well documented.”