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* Don’t ignore hair and nails. They’re made of the same basic compounds as the skin and can crack and split in similar fashion, Dr. Zalka said. “I don’t think people realize that when nails split it’s 90 percent from lack of proper moisture. She said B vitamin supplements can improve skin, hair and nails, especially during winter.

“They’re better for the skin when ingested, rather than when you put them on the skin topically,” Dr. Zalka said.

Dr. Orentreich said clothing can protect exposed, sensitive skin, such as the cheeks and hands, but be careful of fabrics like rough wool that can further irritate chapped skin.

Dr. Zalka said wearing slightly loose cotton gloves to bed after applying a sealant will speed the healing process for hurting hands and nails.

For hair, Dr. Sadick said use a conditioner more frequently during winter.