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After the news conference, the 6-foot-5 Darvish donned his new jersey and went on the field, where he stood on the mound and tossed a couple of balls toward the plate.

Highlights of Darvish’s career in Japan were being shown on the huge videoboard high above right field. The two-time Pacific League MVP had a 93-38 record and 1.99 ERA in 167 games.

The electronic ribbon boards around the stadium were lit up with Darvish’s image with his number and name, switching back and forth between English and Japanese.

Darvish’s contract is worth up to $60 million including bonuses and incentives, but there was one thing he apparently didn’t get in his deal after standing on the mound and looking out to the right-center field fence in his only other visit to Rangers Ballpark two weeks ago.

“It seemed a little close, I asked my GM if they could back that up a little bit, not sure where they are on that,” he said.

When asked about that, Daniels laughed and motioned toward Hamilton.

“I don’t think Josh wants us to move them back,” Daniels said. “We’ll let them arm wrestle and figure it out.”

Hamilton was one of his new teammates that he met during his trip to Texas earlier this month.

“He has confidence in his ability and all the things he does as a player,” Hamilton said. “I think he’s going to enjoy it here and is going to have a good time.”

Darvish arrived about three hours earlier at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, where he was greeted by a large group of media cameras and a handful of Rangers fans.

There was a bit of a stir created by the photos of the arrival, when Darvish wore a T-shirt with the phrase “I Will Survive” surrounding the image of a Japanese Maple Leaf, which looks similar to a marijuana leaf.

“In Japan, anything that’s like a T-shirt with English words on it,” he said. “We just tend to wear it, we don’t really actually know what it means.”