- The Washington Times - Tuesday, January 24, 2012


In a surprising turnaround, the people of South Carolina apparently chose someone they believe has the gumption to fight the status quo as well as win against President Obama (“Drama king Newt Gingrich shines in Southern Gothic,” Web, Saturday).

Mr. Gingrich got things done when he was speaker of the House with a lot of arm-twisting and tactics that could be viewed as not so nice. That is exactly what we need. Currently, we have a Congress that proposes spending and uses its power to promote its own success at the expense of the nation. It’s time we elected someone with the guts to stop this sort of entrenched thinking and present a new path to prosperity.

Mr. Gingrich reminds me a bit of the late Winston Churchill: not particularly liked, but straightforward, brash and highly intelligent. Like the British prime minster, Mr. Gingrich may indeed be the man for the hour.





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