- The Washington Times - Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The White House has said that one of the themes in President Obama’s State of the Union speech was a “return to American values.” But what does our president know of American values?

Mr. Obama spent his formative years overseas, amid many people who did not like the United States, our government or our culture. As an adult, he spent his time among leftist Americans who often espoused a deep and burning hatred of the country and government of their birth.

Mr. Obama is thus the product of years of immersion in a sea of anti-American sentiments. His years in the presidency have amply demonstrated his disdain for the restrictions placed on him by our Constitution and laws.

Here is a president who has boasted that if Congress does not pass his legislative agenda, he will go around it by presidential fiat. He has bowed to foreign leaders and made abject apologies to foreign nations for American acts for which no apology was due.

So how would our president know what traditional American values are? How are we to know that he truly believes in them, and isn’t merely mouthing words to placate us?

In my opinion, Mr. Obama neither knows our values nor cherishes them.


Chino Hills, Calif.



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