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Theo Angelopoulos’ films

- Associated Press - Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ATHENS, GREECE (AP) - Greek director Theo Angelopoulos' films:

"Forminx Story," 1965 _ Unfinished.

"The Broadcast," 1968.

"Reconstruction," 1970.

"Days of '36," 1972.

"The Travelling Players," 1974-75.

"The Hunters," 1977.

"Megalexandros," 1980.

"One Village, One Villager," 1981.

"Athens, Return to the Acropolis," 1983.

"Voyage to Cythera," 1983.

"The Bee-Keeper," 1986.

"Landscape in the Mist," 1988.

"The Suspended Step of the Stork," 1991.

"Ulysses' Gaze," 1995.

"Eternity and a Day," 1998.

"Trilogy 1: The Weeping Meadow," 2003.

"Trilogy II: Dust of Time," 2008.

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