- - Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Prosecutors ordered to identify terror witness

NEW YORK | A judge gave federal prosecutors until a week from Wednesday to give up the name of a witness they say was recruited for a chilling, al Qaeda-sanctioned plot for suicide bombers to attack the New York City subways with explosives made from beauty supplies.

Lawyers for alleged plotter Adis Madunjanin had demanded to know the identity of the man, referred to only as John Doe in court papers, before Mr. Madunjanin goes to trial later this year.

At a pretrial hearing on in Brooklyn federal court in Wednesday, prosecutors initially resisted identifying the government witness - “Mr. John Doe” one called him - citing concerns about his safety. But U.S. District Judge Raymond Dearie said Mr. Madunjanin’s lawyers had a right to know the name.

However, the judge also agreed to allow the government to provide the name under a protective order barring the defense from disclosing it to the public.

In a revised indictment filed last week in Brooklyn, Mr. Medunjanin was confronted with a new allegation that he, along with former high school classmates Najibullah Zazi and Zarein Ahmedzay, tried to recruit Mr. Doe to travel to Pakistan “to wage violent jihad.”


Muslim guard gets $465K in harassment suit

SAN FRANCISCO | A jury awarded $465,000 to a Muslim security guard who says his co-workers and supervisors called him a terrorist and an al Qaeda member.

Jurors added $400,000 in punitive damages Monday to their earlier award of $65,000 to Abas Idris for lost wages and emotional distress, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Wednesday.

The jury found that Los Angeles-based Andrews International was responsible for harassment and a hostile work environment experienced by Mr. Idris, 27.

An attorney for Andrews, Madonna Herman, said the company had promoted Mr. Idris to a supervisory position and accommodated his requests for changes to his schedule. It plans to appeal the verdict.

“Andrews does not condone discrimination or harassment of any kind,” Miss Herman said in a statement.

Mr. Idris claimed a supervisor told him that Muslims kill people and that a fellow security guard referred to him in a conversation with a co-worker as a “goddamn terrorist” and an al Qaeda member who couldn’t be trusted.

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