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New York has once again made a late-season rush and done its most damage in the postseason on the road, knocking off the defending champion Green Bay Packers in the NFC division round and the San Francisco 49ers in the conference title game.

After the 2007 regular season, the Giants won all their playoff games on the road, winning at Tampa, Dallas and Green Bay.

Placekicker Lawrence Tynes made game-winning field goals in overtime both conference championship games.

“I might have been just as speechless as I was when we won the Super Bowl four years ago,” Tyree said.

Tyree had three catches in the Super Bowl, including one for a touchdown. The one everybody remembers is the 32-yarder on a third-and-5 play with 1:15 to play and the Giants trailing the then-unbeaten Patriots 14-10.

Manning avoided a big pass rush and lofted a long pass down the middle. Tyree leapt, got his hands on the ball, then pinned it against his helmet, first with one hand and then the other. All the while, Harrison was pulling Tyree to the ground by the arm.

Harrison said Wednesday that the only time he thought about the play was when his son gave him a book for Christmas a couple of years ago with a picture of the play on the front cover.

“It’s in my office,” Harrison said. “Every time I walk in my office I see it so I’m reminded of it every single day.

“But it doesn’t haunt me. It’s something that happened, you know. It’s almost funny because I look back at my career and I started thinking, do I have any regrets? And I don’t really have any regrets because I played hard, I played tough, I played physical and you ask this guy to make this catch a million other times, he doesn’t make it. So it’s just one of those things that you look at and say, `wow, you know what? No matter what I could have done, he was going to catch that ball. It was just meant to happen.’ “

Call it fate. But it’s a catch that made Tyree famous and gave him a place in football history.