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Turgeon, not unlike his silver-haired and perhaps Hall-of-Fame-bound predecessor, wants to see a willingness to be coached and an eagerness to work. He got both Wednesday.

Like Duke, the Terps wound up with a reasonably fair result in the end. Much like Williams in his early seasons at Maryland, Turgeon can’t match elite talent with elite talent. But he can coax premium effort.

On this night, that was a signal good times – maybe even close to the peaks the man of the hour enjoyed during his multi-decade run in College Park – could arrive before long.

Just not yet – and not against Duke.

“We’re young,” Turgeon said. “We just can’t keep up. In the end, our defense wasn’t quite good enough, and our rebounding wasn’t quite good enough, and our free-throw shooting wasn’t quite good enough. But our effort was good enough.”