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Stunt acting “was my childhood dream,” Matthew said. “I was always a very adventurous child … I climbed every building I could jump off. I used to do crazy things.”

But the training ended after he badly injured his ankle on a trampoline and Mathew found a new passion in photography. He photographed jungle animals while living in a mud hut in Cameroon and spent over three years in India working as a fashion photographer. While in India he also played villains in Bollywood movies and starred in commercials, including for chewing gum and an airline company.

Mathew says he has been in love before, but his lifestyle prevented him from settling down. His most romantic relationship, incidentally, was with a Ukrainian girl.

“Whenever I’ve met somebody who I either fall in love with or have a great connection with, either she is leaving or I am leaving,” he said.

This time he is hoping for a happy ending.

“I am not in love at this point, but there is definitely potential to fall in love,” he said. “Have I kissed a girl? You have to watch and find out.”