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(Sarah and Todd Palin, in a message to the Republican hopeful and his wife Sunday after he left the Florida campaign trail to tend to his 3-year-old daughter Bella, hospitalized in Philadelphia for pneumonia.)

“Ann and I send prayers and best wishes for Bella’s good health to Rick and Karen Santorum and their entire family.”

(Mitt Romney, in a message to Mr. Santorum, via Twitter.)


It is a vibrant but uneasy mix when libertarians and conservatives are at the same convention, or even in the same room. Now inquiring minds want to know: Are libertarians part of the conservative movement? The American Enterprise Institute puts this question to a formal debate, pitting syndicated columnist Jonah Goldberg against Reason magazine editor Matt Welch to hammer out the conclusion.

Mr. Goldberg contends that libertarians are indeed part of the broader conservative movement’s push for limited government. Mr. Welch, however, insists that libertarians have a “unique” understanding of politics that makes them incompatible with the conservative mindset.

Organizers say seats for this Feb. 8 debate will go quickly; it will be followed by a wine and cheese reception, incidentally. POLL DU JOUR

• 67 percent of likely Republican voters in Florida “strongly support” their candidate and are unlikely to change; 71 percent of Mitt Romney fans and 68 percent of Newt Gingrich’s supporters agree.

• 42 percent of Florida GOP voters overall support Mr. Romney, 27 percent support Mr. Gingrich.

• 49 percent of liberal/moderate Florida Republicans support Mr. Romney, 20 percent Mr. Gingrich.

• 47 percent of conservative voters support Mr. Romney, 28 percent Mr. Gingrich.

• 24 percent of “very conservative” voters support Mr. Romney, 36 percent Mr. Gingrich.

• 39 percent of tea partyers support Mr. Romney, 32 percent Mr. Gingrich.

• 27 percent of those who “strongly support” the tea party support Mr. Romney, 40 percent Mr. Gingrich.

• 34 percent of evangelical Christians support Mr. Romney, 28 percent Mr. Gingrich.

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