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According to the Associated Press, the couple said in a statement that the wedding in a Santa Cruz Mountains chapel was a perfect way to kick off 2012.

The Contra Costa Times reported the 85 guests included their 2-year-old son, Hunter, who was the ring bearer.

Other guests included fellow “American Idol” alums Haley Reinhart, Stefano Langone and Casey Abrams.

The “Idol” season 10 finalist turns 23 on Friday. His debut album, “Memories of a Beautiful Disaster,” was released in November.

Mr. Durbin is from nearby Santa Cruz.

Super Bowl ads sold out at $3.5M for 30 seconds

If you want to purchase ad space for next month’s Super Bowl XLVI, your time is up: Every spot is sold, the Wall Street Journal reports.

According to media buyers at Comcast-owned NBC Universal, companies are shelling out $3.5 million for a single 30-second commercial, an increase from last year’s $3 million price when Fox carried the Green Bay Packers-Pittsburgh Steelers game, the Hollywood Reporter says. In the past 11 years, ad prices have spiked 59 percent, demonstrating the impact of the Super Bowl - the top trophy of sports event programming - on the advertising industry.

“We have shattered any recent revenue stories in regards to the Super Bowl,” Seth Winter, senior vice president of sales and marketing at NBC’s sports group, told USA Today.

Each 30-second spot was filled by Thanksgiving, Mr. Winter said, noting a new trend in more commercials lasting 60 seconds or more, versus just 30 seconds.

Here’s some early details on who bought what: Volkswagen, purveyor of 2011’s hit Darth Vader ad, purchased a 60-second spot in the third quarter to sell its Beetle car; Dannon will make an appearance as the first-ever yogurt company to advertise in the Super Bowl; NFL celebrities Troy Aikman and Deion Sanders will make cameos in Bridgestone ads; will feature the pop-music group Pussycat Dolls in one of its two spots. (Last year, the company revealed Joan Rivers as its star spokeswoman.)

On Saturday, a dozen teams begin their quest for Super Bowl XLVI, slated for broadcast Feb. 5 on NBC.

Deal to sell ‘M*A*S*H’ hot dog diner falls through

The sale of an Ohio hot dog diner made famous on TV’s “M*A*S*H” has fallen through, with the potential buyer saying he will not complete the $5.5 million deal because of bank-required changes.

The news surfaced Tuesday as two Tony Packo’s Inc. officials pleaded not guilty to stealing from the company.

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