- The Washington Times - Monday, January 30, 2012


How funny that Robert Redford would refer to presidential candidate Mitt Romney as an egotist - while he exposes his own Hollywood-manufactured self-importance by “touting his knowledge of European culture” (“Redford dissed GOP slate, support of arts,” Web, Monday).

Mr. Redford mocked Mr. Romney’s preference for the movie “Transformers” over independent films. Then he had the gall to imply that politics is beneath him. This is just another illustration of the left’s hypocrisy. I think Mr. Redford is the “silly and stupid” one here. In actuality, the actor is pursuing the European independent film industry because in America, he is no longer the box-office draw he once was. For Mr. Redford to blame Hollywood’s declining support for his work on “narrow-minded people in Congress who are afraid of change” is false and right out of the political left’s playbook.


Berwyn Heights



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