- - Monday, January 30, 2012


Authorities probe letter sent to Arpaio

PHOENIX — Authorities are investigating an envelope containing white powder that was directed to President Obama and listed a controversial Arizona sheriff as the sender.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he found the letter Saturday and brought it to his office for investigators to examine Monday. He said the letter never got to the White House, arriving instead at Sheriff Arpaio’s home in the Phoenix suburb of Fountain Hills.

The sheriff said the letter told Mr. Obama to “resign or die,” had a forged Sheriff Arpaio’s signature and claims that the substance is anthrax.

Authorities are awaiting tests on the powder.

Sheriff Arpaio is under scrutiny for his anti-illegal immigration tactics. He has said a federal probe of his office was politically motivated.


Islam critic backs out of cadet event

WEST POINT — A retired U.S. lieutenant general who made comments denigrating Islam withdrew Monday from speaking at a West Point prayer breakfast after a veterans’ advocacy group asked the Army chief of staff to rescind the invitation.

VoteVets.org told Gen. Raymond Odierno in a letter that allowing retired Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin to speak at the U.S. Military Academy next week would be contrary to Army values and disrespectful to Muslim cadets.

Late Monday afternoon, West Point issued a brief statement saying Gen. Boykin had decided to withdraw speaking at the Feb. 8 event and that another speaker would be lined up in his place.

Gen. Boykin, a former senior military intelligence officer, had been criticized for speeches he made at evangelical Christian churches beginning in January 2002. He said that America’s enemy was Satan, that God had put George W. Bush in the White House and that one Muslim Somali warlord was an idol worshipper.


Legionnaires’ bacteria found in Luxor water

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