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LAS VEGAS — Health officials in Las Vegas said Monday that the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease was found in water samples at the Luxor hotel-casino this month after a guest died of the form of pneumonia.

The Southern Nevada Health District said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s national surveillance program reported three cases in the past year of Luxor guests being diagnosed with the disease caused by Legionella bacteria.

The Las Vegas Strip resort’s water was tested after the first two cases were reported during the spring of last year, but no Legionella bacteria was detected, district officials said. Those guests recovered.

Officials say the Luxor immediately began a remediation process once the bacteria was found.


Nuclear reactor vented after power loss

BYRON — A nuclear reactor at a northern Illinois plant shut down Monday after losing power, and steam was being vented to reduce pressure, according to officials from Exelon Nuclear and federal regulators.

Unit 2 at Byron Generating Station shut down around 10:18 a.m., after losing power from an off-site source, Exelon officials said. Diesel generators began supplying power to the plant equipment, and operators began releasing steam from the nonnuclear side of the plant to help cool the reactor, officials said.

Even though the turbine is not turning to produce electricity, “you still need to cool the equipment,” said U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokeswoman Viktoria Mitlyng. Releasing steam helps “take away some of that energy still being produced by nuclear reaction but that doesn’t have anywhere to go now.”


Protesters sue TVA for banning costumes

KNOXVILLE — Several people who tried to go to a Tennessee Valley Authority board meeting in costumes including Santa Claus and a pirate are suing the utility, which banned such get-ups after people protesting a nuclear plant dressed up as zombies.

In July, the protesters in Chattanooga dressed as zombies in an effort to persuade TVA officials not to resume construction of the Bellefonte Nuclear Plant in Alabama, where work had stopped in 1988. Soon after, the utility banned costumes at its meetings in an effort to avoid disruptions.

In August, the four wearing costumes were not allowed to enter a TVA board meeting in Knoxville. A fifth was ousted from the meeting when he mimicked a zombie.

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