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The trust also reported spending $15,000 on Ivey 23 Terps, which the trust reported as a 501(c)3 organization on its IRS forms. However, Ivey 23 is not listed in the IRS database, and the city’s Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs doesn’t have an organization by that name in city business filings. The Washington City Paper reported as far back as 2010 on the fact that no nonprofit or city business filings could be located for that group, a youth basketball team.

Ellen London, the trust’s executive director, told the City Paper that no groups without incorporation documents or tax records were being given money in 2010, adding at the time that the trust was continuing to work with them to “complete their paperwork.”

Nonetheless, the trust also reported paying $15,000 to an organization called the Third Wind Foundation, for which no IRS or city business filings could be located.

Meantime, the HELP Foundation, which describes itself on its IRS forms as a tutoring organization, and which received about $16,000 from the trust, reported spending $140,000 in compensation for its executive director, Mahdi M. Shabazz.

In addition, the group’s most recently available forms state that out of the organization’s $323,729 in overall revenue, $246,079 went to pay for employee salaries, benefits and other compensation.

In an interview, Mr. Shabazz said those figures are incorrect and that he is working with an accountant to correct the information, but he declined to elaborate, saying “That’s between me and the IRS.”

“I get nothing,” he said of his compensation. “Everything I get goes right back out. I get more poverty-stricken people. Every time I turn around, somebody’s in need of something.”

In addition, Mr. Shabazz appears on Maryland’s sex offender registry and has a misdemeanor conviction, though the underlying charge surfaced after his organization received funding from the trust. He said he is appealing the criminal case and does not belong on the registry because it was never part of his plea deal. He said he was taking leave from the foundation until his appeal is settled.