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“We’re asking him to control his emotions and gain emotional maturity in the heat of battle,” Lt. Battisi said in his closing remarks.

Lew committed suicide April 3 at a patrol base in Helmand province shortly after the abuse. The 21-year-old was a nephew of U.S. Rep. Judy Chu.

Two other Marines also are accused of hazingLew before he shot himself with his machine gun in his foxhole. Sgt. Benjamin Johns, the leader of the squad the Marines belonged to, and Lance Cpl. Carlos Orozco III will have separate courts-martial later.

Both Marines watched the court proceedings Monday.

Lew’s father, Allen Lew, testified during the sentencing hearing that his son wanted to join the Marines because he felt it was “the best.”

He said was shocked to hear about his son’s death, and his legs buckled when Marines came to his house at 7:30 a.m. with the news in April.

“My son died — I have only one son,” Lew said. He said he doesn’t understand how Marines could do the things they did to their own.

Ms. Chu, California Democrat, attended the hearing.

“I want to make sure that there is justice for Harry. And I want to support these brave persons, his parents,” she told reporters beforehand.

The attorney representing Sgt. Johns said he was concerned the presence of a politician would taint the process and interfere with justice.

“How do I get a fair jury? What implicit message is she trying to send to those panel members?” said Tim Bilecki, a defense attorney who specializes in military clients.

Ms. Chu said that wouldn’t be the case.

“I’m not going to be saying anything in the trial. All I’m doing is being here. I’m here for the family to support them,” she said.

The case involves the actions of Marines at an isolated patrol base the U.S. was establishing to disrupt Taliban drug and weapons trafficking in Helmand province.

Squad members and officers had tried different methods to get Lew to stay awake, including referring him up the chain of command for discipline and taking him off patrols so he could get more rest.

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