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She said Cpl. Thorsen was not on active duty at the time of Tuesday’s rally, but it was not immediately clear if that would have any bearing on the case.

Cpl. Thorsen “stands alone in his opinions regarding his political affiliation and beliefs, and his statements and beliefs in no way reflect that of the Army Reserve,” Maj. Wallace said in a statement.

A telephone number for Cpl. Thorsen could not immediately be found.

At Tuesday’s rally at Mr. Paul’s headquarters Ankeny, Iowa, Mr. Paul called Cpl. Thorsen to join him on stage. Cpl. Thorsen then shakes his hand before he steps to the podium.

Drew Ivers, a spokesman for Mr. Paul’s Iowa campaign, said the Cpl. Thorsen’s appearance at the rally was spontaneous and not planned by the campaign.

In a separate interview with CNN on Tuesday, Cpl. Thorsen said he had served in the military for the past decade.

“I’m really excited about a lot of his ideas, especially when it comes to bringing the soldiers home,” he told CNN.

“I’ve been serving for 10 years now, and all 10 years of those have been during wartime. I would like to see a little peacetime Army.”

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