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“We were prepared for the realignment from the NHL, but we weren’t given every bit of information regarding it. How can you make an educated decision without all the proper information?” Weaver said. “We asked for the reasoning and that reasoning was not produced. They were not open to discussions about it.

“As far as travel goes, it’s a big important issue. I don’t know why the NHL wouldn’t make it easier for everyone. More travel means being away from families more. It is going to make it tougher. It’s already tough now. I just wish they were fair with us. They didn’t want to give us any information about it. We’re going to have longer road trips, like 10 days on the road. It’s tough enough now and they didn’t make it any easier.”

Pittsburgh player rep Craig Adams also stressed that the players want more information.

“The issue is that we asked for some documentation to figure out if they had done any travel projections,” Adams said. “We wanted to see how it would change the current set up and if it would change financials. Up to this point, they haven’t given us any information. We aren’t turning it down outright. “We just haven’t seen anything from them that convinced us that it’s a good idea.”