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Kim Jong-il also is quoted as saying his son has “outstanding (military) strategies and is well-versed in military tactics. … He is a man of many abilities and the genius among the geniuses.”

Another documentary aired a week ago showed Kim Jong-un visiting a premier tank division with strong historical and family ties in the first solo inspection trip made after his father’s death.

Since Kim Jong-il’s death on Dec. 17, the process to install his son as leader has been quick, with top military and party officials wasting no time in pledging their loyalty to the third Kim to lead the nation of 24 million since it was founded in 1948.

Kim Jong-un, who recently was named supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army, has pledged to uphold Kim Jong-il’s “military first” policy.

He is believed to have turned 28 or 29 on Sunday, though his exact birth date has not been confirmed by the government. The birthdays of his father and grandfather are considered the nation’s most important holidays, but Kim Jong-un’s birthday has not been declared a national holiday.

AP Korea Bureau Chief Jean H. Lee contributed to this report.