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Scott still considering Medicaid expansion

TALLAHASSEE — For a second day, Gov. Rick Scott sidestepped questions about whether Florida would begin implementing the federal health care law now that it has been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Florida has yet to set up health care “exchanges,” an Internet-based system for buyers to shop for private insurance plans.

The state also must decide whether to participate in a planned expansion of the Medicaid program. The expansion could add more than 950,000 people to Florida’s Medicaid rolls, with the federal government covering most, but not all, of the cost.

Mr. Scott said Friday he will have a plan in the coming weeks.

“What I’m concerned about is that what happened with that bill being declared constitutional is the fact that it’s going to be bad for patients, bad for taxpayers, bad for businesses,” he said Friday after a speech in Tampa.


Obama welcomes mom who lost legs in twister

An Indiana woman who lost both legs shielding her children from a tornado walked arm-in-arm with President Obama into the Oval Office on Friday.

The visit by Stephanie Decker came just under four months after the twister wrecked her home in Henryville, Ind. She had tied a blanket around the children and thrown herself on top of them when falling debris crushed her legs.

“We planned this a few months out, and here we are,” Mrs. Decker said in an interview after the 15-minute visit.

When not using a wheelchair, Mrs.Decker, 37, is able to walk for extended periods using prosthetic limbs. She said her goal is to be able to spend eight to 10 hours a day on those limbs. “I’m a pretty active person,” she said.

Mrs. Decker was joined by her son Dominic, 9; daughter Reese, 6; and husband Joe, 42, for the Oval Office visit, which came just before Mr. Obama flew to Colorado to view damage from the state’s wildfires.

It followed a handwritten letter from Mr. Obama and a follow-up phone call from the president while she was in the hospital.

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