WILLIAMS: Founders’ vision still alive this Independence Day if we let it be

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July 4th is a day to celebrate the generations of men and women who have sacrificed their time, energy and often their lives to build a better country. Even if we are not 100 percent satisfied with the direction in which our country is headed, this is an opportunity to reflect upon the deeds of our Founding Fathers and to consider the means by which we might continue to guard those essential freedoms that we associate with happiness.

More than two centuries ago, these men risked their lives, their families and their homes to create conditions by which every American has a chance to better himself, to determine his own fate, to pursue happiness on his own terms and, most important, simply to be left alone. These “ultimate patriots” challenged the status quo.

There are still ultimate patriots who survive today. We see that in the brave soldiers who risk everything to secure freedom abroad. But we also see it in the everyday Americans who revel in the everyday joys and responsibilities of raising a family.

As we witness the constant struggles of many countries, and with due respect to our allies and enemies, the United States of America is still a great nation. However, we need to work to keep it the great nation that our founders intended it to be.

In the true spirit of Adams‘ vision, celebrate our great nation! Fire up the grill, go to the beach, revel in patriotism and enjoy the spirit of liberty. But also take some time out to reflect upon the deeds of our Founding Fathers, who started our freedoms, as well as the men and women who enable us to continue to live out the essential freedoms Adams and the founders envisioned years ago.

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