- The Washington Times - Thursday, July 12, 2012


Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s attendance at the NAACP conference showed he is brave and genuine (“Romney draws boos from NAACP when he dings Obama,” Web, Wednesday). He faced a potentially hostile crowd, but he valued it and so made his appearance nonetheless.

Mr. Romney gave his usual stump speech. That signaled everyone he was saying what he believed and respected them enough to not make a convenient change, pander or misrepresent himself.

It is possible that when he visits the NAACP again, it will be as president. I believe there are two major reasons why he ought to win, and why President Obama should not be re-elected. During his campaign, so many were happy at what he symbolized that they paid scant attention to his lack of executive experience and his “present” votes as a state senator. I believe he is good-hearted and wants everyone to be happy and to have everything. But that is not realistic. The nation cannot afford either increased giveaways or putting everyone on the government payroll. We need to maximize efficiencies. Cities and states are demonstrating an increased need for fiscal management. Internationally, Greece and France are examples we should not follow.

One reason for my displeasure with Mr. Obama is his attacks on the Tea Party. This is a group of patriotic citizens uniting people of many races and political views, exercising constitutionally protected rights and promoting limited government - and the president demonizes it. This could be interpreted as viewing citizens like children, wanting them only to be seen, not heard.

The second reason I believe Mr. Obama shouldn’t be a two-term president has to do with his knocking Mr. Romney’s wealth. There is a human need to achieve that is closely aligned with the American persona and story. The perpetual handout is alien to human nature and demoralizing. Belittling an opponent’s accomplishments is ugly politics, and downright un-American. Worse, it sends a negative message, which kills drive and initiative.

Mitt Romney might not be a rock star, but he inspires me to believe that I can duplicate his achievements. That gives me real hope.


Chantilly, Va.



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