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The biggest challenge, he said, remains the Greek economy, which he said is the only one of the heavily indebted countries with no short-term hope of recovery.

“I think, first of all, we clearly have to address Greece,” Mr. Keitel said. “Greece is the only country that is and in the near future will not be able to get out of this crisis. So we are clearly committed as Europeans to finding a way for Greece.”

He said this may require “bringing Greece into intensive care.”

Germany and such other eurozone nations as the Netherlands and Finland have warned that while there can be negotiating on the details of bailout packages, Greece must live up to the austerity promises in them and there will be no eurozone-wide assumption of each others’ sovereign debt.

“We cannot kick them out,” he said. “Legally it’s impossible, and they will never leave the euro. So let’s find a way to help Greece.”