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One of the donors who gave to Mrs. Norton that day was Stanley Straughter of Philadelphia. Mr. Straughter identified himself as a consultant to Mr. Thompson’s accounting firm in campaign filings. He also has given to numerous other D.C. local campaigns, with donations often coming on the same day, in the same amount and to the same politicians as contributions from Mr. Thompson or his associates. A woman who answered a phone number under Mr. Straughter’s name Monday said he was not available.

Both Ms. Harris and Mr. Thompson gave to Mrs. Norton’s campaign on Nov. 1, 2008, a day in which she raised more than $12,000 overall from donors with ties to Mr. Thompson’s businesses.

On one day two years earlier in 2006, Mrs. Norton’s campaign raised more than $16,000 from donors tied to Mr. Thompson, most of whom identify themselves as working at Mr. Thompson’s health plan or accounting firm.

Two donors that day were Myrtle Gomez, who has served on the board of directors of Mr. Thompson’s health plan, and Christopher Lawson, whose insurance business in Bowie has listed Mr. Thompson’s accounting firm and health plan as clients.

An attorney for Ms. Gomez told The Washington Times earlier this year that her contributions were legal. In a recent interview, Mr. Lawson said his donations also were legal.