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Still, the Romney campaign has come under growing criticism from Republican leaders for not responding more aggressively to the attacks, and it has begun to do that in the past week or so.

Certainly, there is a rich field of issues on which Mr. Obama is vulnerable to legitimate criticism. Does he really want to talk about job creation? Mr. Romney has a proven record of a successful career investing capital in startup businesses that became major employers, creating tens of thousands of jobs across the country. This guy knows how to do that.

In contrast, Mr. Obama has sunk at least $40 billion into green technology firms, many of which had connections to his biggest campaign contributors. A growing number, like the California-based Solyndra solar panel company, have declared bankruptcy, leaving taxpayers to foot the bill for billions of dollars in bad loans.

Mr. Obama went around the country touting these deals as job creators, but with relatively little to show for it. “Some of these firms don’t employ as many people as you might hope,” said administration economist Jared Bernstein, who helped implement the program.

Maybe the SEC ought to look into these questionable deals, too.

Donald Lambro is a syndicated columnist and former chief political correspondent for The Washington Times.