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The two sides also disagree over who qualifies as a victim in the case. The defense argues that only Avery’s 1999 victim and the man’s parents should be allowed to give victim-impact statements. Prosecutors want to call some of the trial witnesses who testified about alleged abuse by other Philadelphia priests supervised by Lynn.

Lynn was acquitted of conspiracy and a second endangerment count involving a co-defendant, the Rev. James Brennan. The jury deadlocked on a 1996 abuse claim against Father Brennan.

Supporters insist that Lynn is being made a scapegoat for the sins of the church. Lynn testified at trial that the late Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua had to approve all of his recommendations.

Archbishop Charles Chaput took over the archdiocese of 1.5 million people last fall. Archbishop Chaput did not attend the trial but visited Lynn in prison this month.