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Though Berloni concentrates mostly on dogs, he’s also trained cats, birds and rodents. He coached a cat in “The Lieutenant of Inishmore,” a rat in “The Woman in White” and 23 lambs for Bernadette Peters’ run in “Gypsy.”

He won a special 2011 Tony Award for his contribution to the theater and is a behavior consultant to the Humane Society of New York. After Berloni’s animals retire, they often spend their final years at his Connecticut farm.

“I always say anybody could have gone into a shelter and adopted any one of the animals that I’ve turned into Broadway stars the day before I did,” he said. “And they would have been great dogs in someone’s home. I just get the opportunity to show that they’re great dogs onstage.”

To get Sunny used to Broadway, her diet will be carefully monitored, her routine formalized and she’ll get used to all the actors in the “Annie” revival to ensure everyone is comfortable. She’ll also be brought to current Broadway shows to get familiar with the roar of the crowd.

“The hardest thing for her is to get used to the audience’s response. We can mimic every other aspect of it _ sets, movements, people, lights and sounds. But there aren’t many opportunities for me to bring her to a show and have her hear applause.”




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