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The family business has worked smoothly and easily, Ms. McCormick said. “It’s been wonderful,” she said. “There’s no one who’s going to make more of an effort to do what needs to be done. There’s no one more committed and motivated. Of course, we work hard for our clients, but we’re also working for each other.”

Like the other couples, Ms. McCormick said her family is careful not to talk shop constantly. “We’re good about reminding each other about boundaries,” she said. “If one starts talking about business, the other will say, ‘Come on, it’s Sunday afternoon - we’ll talk about this on Monday morning.’ “

Mrs. Wheeler said most of her clients are reassured to work with a married couple, but she laughed remembering some advice her husband doled out to a pair of newlyweds.

“They had to make some repairs on a house to get it ready to go on the market, and the wife was balking at some of the changes,” she said. “We kept reminding her that the goal was to sell the house, and she kept saying she wanted to sell the house but not get taken to the cleaners. After every point, she’d add ‘ … and not get taken to the cleaners.’ “

This continued back and forth until Mr. Wheeler said, “Look, you can be right or you can be happy — believe me, this applies to real estate and marriage.”