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It’s now eight years later, and the Emmy-winning series celebrated the start of its 10th season with four Emmy nominations.

Miss Klum, the show’s creator and host, likened the reality show to being another child.

“It’s like one of my babies being born and being out there for so many years already now. So of course I’m extra proud,” she said.

When it comes to her real-life kids, the German supermodel said they won’t be tuning in for the show.

“My children don’t really watch a lot of television yet,” she said. “Now my daughter, because she’s 8 [years old], friends are telling her more and more about 'Project Runway' and she’s like, ‘Oh yeah, I visited my mom there a few times.’ She doesn’t really put it all together yet which I think is really nice.”

Lena Dunham, Louis C.K. share more than Emmy nods

Louis C.K. and Lena Dunham are on a collision course.

The Emmy nominations announced Thursday highlight their parallel approaches to television. For their acclaimed comedies “Girls” and “Louie,” they’re each nominated for directing, writing and acting, separated only by gender in the acting category.

Miss Dunham’s shift from independent film to TV was partly inspired by “Louie.” Her admiration of Louis C.K. is so great that she dressed as the comedian for Halloween.

“I’m really hoping to meet him and take a lot of photos with him and explain to him that we shouldn’t necessarily get married, but maybe we should, like, have another kid together,” Miss Dunham said on her way to shoot the second season of “Girls.”

Performers who act, direct and write have traditionally gravitated toward the movies. But both Louis C.K. and Miss Dunham have brought an auteur sensibility to television, where the fertile cable environment (“Louie” airs on FX, “Girls” on HBO) has grown increasingly alluring.

Both are New Yorkers whose shows are set in the city but offer very different visions of it. “Girls” is a portrait of a young, post-collegiate generation in New York, while “Louie” proceeds out of Louis C.K.’s stand-up act and his singular perspective on life as a father. Yet both shows are clearly the work of one author and are predicated on an usual degree of honesty.

Louis C.K. confesses he’s only seen part of an episode of “Girls” because he has little time to watch TV, but calls Lena “a very individual voice.” Still, the gulf between the two is perhaps a little wider from his viewpoint.

“This may sound patronizing, but how old is Lena?” wondered Louis C.K., who at 44 is easily senior to the 26-year-old Miss Dunham. “Well I’ve got two daughters, so for me, honestly, I’m happy for her that this is her first year on TV and she got a nomination in every job she has on her show and she’s a young woman. That makes me really happy.”

“Girls” was nominated for five Emmys, including best comedy series. Louis C.K. earned seven nominations: three for “Louie” and four for his stand-up special “Louis C.K.: Live at the Beacon Theatre.” The comedian wrote, directed and starred in the special.

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