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Look past the sad-sack lyrics, though, and “Gossamer” is a neon-colored swirl of electronica, pop, dance and late-night club music. Mr. Angelakos’ songs are drenched in layers of keyboards and electronic percussion, and his melodies float above the mix like balloons, willing to fly off in the most unexpected directions with each shift of atmosphere. He’s a Top 40 pop singer one minute and a Bee Gees-influenced soft rock crooner the next, with a high, piercing falsetto to match.

The push-and-pull between dark subject matter and bright sounds serves “Gossamer” well. A concerned friend pours Mr. Angelakos’ drink down the sink during “Constant Conversations,” an otherwise smooth neo-soul song, and “Where We Belong” balances its giddy, sky-high melodies with lyrics such as, “It’s hard to keep living when your heart weighs about a million pounds.” Even the most miserable songs feel therapeutic, as though the singer’s psychiatrist told him exorcise his demons by setting them to music.

Like a combination of Prince, Phoenix and R. Kelly, “Gossamer” is a dance album for those who care about more than moving their feet. The songs soar and soothe, targeting the listener’s brain as much as the body. The tempos may be uniformly fast, but there’s more to “Gossamer” than speed and sparkle.