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“But we need to have a good understanding about the port because we will have eight boats there with 12,000 people, 10,000 people, so we need to understand all the connections when you get out of the boats and how you are going to get your transportation to go to the venues.”

The IOC also said it is imperative that local governments work closely together so all the required projects can be completed for the games.

“I remain confident in the integration and unity between the three levels of government, Rio 2016 and other stakeholders, which is crucial for the success of this project,” said Carlos Nuzman, president of the Rio 2016 Olympic Committee.

Local organizers also acknowledge that the London Games will increase the city’s responsibilities and the level of scrutiny on everything related to the 2016 Olympics.

Human rights violations

Criticism already has been raised over human rights violations, overspending and fears of a wasted legacy.

The evictions of thousands of families because of Olympic projects, especially in slums and poor neighborhoods, has prompted Amnesty International and the United Nations to call attention to allegations of rights abuses.

City authorities have defended their actions by saying it has all been done in accordance with the law. The city says U.N. officials have recently seen from up close that the families are being reallocated properly.

“The impact the games are having on these families is being forgotten,” said Orlando Alves Jr., who works at an urban planning institute at the Rio de Janeiro Federal University.

The Olympics will benefit many people who will be making money because of the games, but there is a hidden legacy that is not being made public and is not being taken seriously by authorities.”

The Olympic Park, the heart of the games, will be built in an area where families will be displaced, and legal actions prompted by the evictions briefly affected the project’s bidding process.

The Olympic Park also was affected by a dispute with the Brazilian auto racing federation over where to relocate the city’s Jacarepagua track, which will be lost to the project.

During its last inspection in June, the Olympic Committee expressed concerns over the Olympic Park, which will host several sporting venues and the main media centers, but said it was satisfied with the solutions found by local organizers. Construction at the park is expected to get under way in August.

Golf course dispute

There is no solution for the legal dispute over land for the golf course, which will host the return of the first Olympic tournament after an absence of 110 years. Although two developers are fighting for the land where the course is expected to be built, the city already has announced a deal with one of the reported owners.

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