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“I agree with him,” Johnson said. “People don’t say it publicly, but I agree with him. It’s all good with me. We have the potential. We have everything we need to win it.”

Rivera said he doesn’t believe the advertisement puts a target on the Panthers chest.

“No, because everybody else believes the same thing,” Rivera said. “(Kalil) just said it. If you ask all 32 teams, their attitude has to be that. You have to believe that. If you don’t you won’t work as hard as you should.”

Beason said he welcomes the pressure.

“The pressure is great. I love pressure,” Beason said. “A lot of times you are doing what you’re doing and you get comfortable because you get into a routine. So when you get challenged for something, I like that. Pressure is an opportunity to do something great.”

Rivera said he’s been around bold predictions before.

When he was a linebacker with the Chicago Bears, Rivera remembers coach Mike Ditka making a similar comment to his players prior to training camp.

“Mike came in his first year and told everybody `I have good news and bad news. The good news is we’re going to the Super Bowl. The bad news is some of you aren’t going,’” Rivera said.