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Use the credits and skill points in the Tech Shop to buy a variety of moves and items including batarangs that ricochet off of multiple targets, a batarang swarm and silent running.

A favorite area in the Shop finds skills for Batman accessed by swiping across the character as the options swirl around him.

Those looking to quickly upgrade an arsenal can also drop real cash for the in app purchases that offers 5,500 credits for $4.99 and a Tech Premium Pack for $1.99 with 5 skill points and a 50 percent bonus for credits gained in combat.

The game also features the eventual use of the Bat-Pod (don’t forget to unlock the launch seat) and the Bat vehicles, along with an extra three missions tied to simply honing combat skills in such locales as the Batcave and on the dangerous streets of Gotham.

If that sounds too great to be true for seven bucks, you are sort of right, Bat breath.

Sometimes enemies get stuck in walls or floors through some sketchy collision detection. Camera angles can wreak havoc with following onscreen pointers to get to mission objectives and cape swooping using the onscreen directional pad is a challenge.

Although, just remember, ten years ago, I would probably be gushing about this game if it was released for the original Xbox or PlayStation 2.

I also have minor problems with a fairly deserted Gotham (Gameloft’s The Amazing Spider-Man game offers a much more robust New York City), characters lips that never move and watching dispatched villains simply dissolve into space.

However, movie fans won’t be disappointed. Lots of crossover lines of dialogue, numerous plot points, impressive vocal imitations of Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman and interactions with nearly all of the film characters such as Officer John Blake, Catwoman and Commissioner Gordon help sell the package.

The average player also will appreciate the gorgeous, monochromatic, cut-scene illustrations, the sheer fun of controlling Batman and easy ways to replay missions or jump back into the action.

All combined that makes The Dark Knight Rises for the iPad a really enjoyable, mobile gaming experience.

Note: Hardcore fans of the Caped Crusader should also immediately purchase Batman: Arkham City Lockdown (Warner Bros. Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios, rated 9+, $5.99), a game released earlier in the year based on the famed console franchise that provides some exceptional and large character modeling (from the insane Joker to a Batman dressed in his Dark Knight Returns costume) and loads of close-quarter, third person fighting.