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“It’s tough, but they are at a point and time where they have to do something different,” Jimmie Johnson said. “I’d imagine that from the final few laps at Homestead until now has been the toughest part. Now they’ve probably turned the page and moving forward with the decisions they’ve made. I would assume it brings a little bit of new life and excitement to the program.”

Johnson isn’t exactly an expert on going through crew chief changes, given his longstanding partnership with Chad Knaus, but he imagines that Edwards won’t spend much time looking backward.

“If I was Carl, it’s time to look forward,” Johnson said. “We’ve turned the page, we’ve made the decision, and he had a short period of time to get stuff done for this year. The window is closing. Knowing Carl, he’s a strong race car driver, strong-minded good leader, and all the qualities to make the best of this situation he naturally has. Time will tell what really happens, but they’ve got to get going and they’ve clearly made the decisions to do that.”