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On this day, a few Tebow passes sailed over the intended receivers, and a simple 8-yard throw to running back Shonn Greene had plenty of wobble in it. Ryan even joked about the negative comments, “That was some of the defensive guys _ just kidding.”

One young lady held up a banner promising better times: “A Season To Believe _ Let’s Go Jets.” The banner featured photos of Tebow and Greene.

Julio Ramos drove four hours from Lancaster, Pa., to see practice, specifically focusing on Tebow. Ramos draped his No. 15 green jersey over a fence and watched intently when Tebow and Sanchez did a drill together in which they take turns as passer and receiver on screen passes.

Like almost everybody else, he winced when Tebow took forever to spot a secondary receiver in another drill, and when linebacker Aaron Maybin broke in for what would have been a sack.

Ramos didn’t follow Tebow when he was winning a Heisman Trophy with the Florida Gators, but became interested in the quarterback while Tebow was a Bronco. Much more than Tebow’s playing style captivated Ramos.

“I read his bio about the beautiful things he’s doing and I was moved by that,” Ramos said. “He stands firm for what he believes in, and he has a fire to win that is contagious.”

A longtime Jets fan, Ramos was excited enough by the acquisition of Tebow to buy the jersey _ his only Jets jersey.

“It’s awesome to see him as a Jet,” Ramos said just before the river of rain hit. “When I heard he was becoming a Jet, I was excited and, in a way, concerned. There’s all the drama issues and I wondered how he would handle that in New York.

“But I think he’s going to make a difference.”

Certainly in merchandising he will. Not only has Tebow paraphernalia been among the biggest sellers in the NFL, but among athletes in all sports.

Certainly in attention he will. More than 50 media members showed up for the opening of training camp, far more than the Giants _ the Super Bowl champion Giants who share the same home stadium with the Jets_ drew in Albany about two hours away from Cortland.

The lovefest, or whatever else is in store for Tebow and the Jets, didn’t erupt on the first day of training camp. Mother Nature made sure of that. Consider it a brief respite in Tebowmania.