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“He’s had a little bit trouble warming up, so I’m a little concerned about that,” Johnson said, explaining also why Zimmermann was lifted after six against the Mets on Monday night, despite throwing only 89 pitches.

“I’m holding his pitches down. He’s fine, but it concerns me when they have a little trouble getting loose.”

After his first 10 warm-up tosses, though, everything seems to go back to normal. Zimmermann brushed off any concerns as “just one of those things that all pitchers go through, a little aches and pains,” and insisted he’d be fine.

“As you can see, I went six tonight and only gave up one,” he added. “I’m happy with that. It’s just something every pitcher goes through and it happens a couple times a year.”

He appeared to have no issues Saturday, and with a three-run fourth that featured Brown’s first major league hit (and home run) as well as Moore’s sixth of the season, Zimmermann was given enough cushion that he didn’t worry about letting the adrenaline from pitching so close to home get the best of him.

“He’s always the same,” said Johnson, who earned his 100th victory in a Nationals uniform with the win. “He’s got great composure.”

“I watched plenty of games here,” Zimmermann said. “I actually pitched down here in an [American Legion] All-Star game one time. I was on that mound once before. But I’m just happy we got the win tonight.”